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Wooden Tarot Card Holder

Wooden Tarot Card Holder

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Introducing our beautifully handcrafted wooden tarot card holder! Made with care and precision, this tarot card hold stand is perfect for displaying your Tarot Card Of The Day.

  • Tarot card holder is crafted from mahogany, which is a wood characterized as one of strength and resilience. It is said to foster spiritual growth, provide guidance, and support healing both spiritually and emotionally. In fact, it is oftentimes sought out for enhancing intuitive abilities and one's ability to explore their potential.
  • Made of 2 layers of 1/4" wood for a total of 1/2" high making this tarot card holder stand sturdy yet portable.
  • Measures approximately 4" x 3.5". It is the perfect size for an altar, tabletop, bedside table, or bookshelf!
  • Clear etching which is deep enough to ensure the dark color does not 'rub off' over time and use. 

Whether you are a seasoned Tarot reader or just starting out, our wooden tarot card holder is a great accessory to enhance your reading experience. It is the perfect accent to your altar table and provides a clear, unobstructed view of your Card of The Day for easy reading and reminders. Grab yours today and start exploring the mysteries of the tarot!

But what is Tarot, you may ask? Tarot is a system of divination that uses a deck of cards to gain insight into a person's life and experiences. Each card has a unique meaning that can help tap into your intuition and guide you through life's ups and downs.

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