About Us

Mystical Zodiac offers a wide range of handcrafted metaphysical home décor pieces and accessories crafted from high quality wood and acrylic materials. We create each item with a positive mindset and the intent to help our customers on their spiritual journeys, wherever their paths lead them. 

I have always been fascinated by the spiritual world and the power of crystals, elements, and symbols and have studied the many facets of Pagan and Wicca beliefs, Nordic history, astrology, and other metaphysical tools.

As my daughter became increasingly interested in the metaphysical aspect of the world and began her own spiritual journey, I felt led to share my knowledge by creating these powerful items to help others on their spiritual paths.

My daughter and I have been creating handmade metaphysical items with the goal of connecting people with the divine and helping them undercover, explore, and learn to use their inner strength. We believe everyone has the ability to tap into their own spiritual power and use it to create the life they want, and our handmade items are designed to help people do just that. 

We take great pride in our work and strive to create items that are meaningful, useful, and most importantly, powerful. We enjoy creating items that make a difference in people’s lives, and while the majority of our items are handcrafted, there are also raw stones, crystal items, jewelry pieces, and divination-type stones available on a rotating basis. Be assured, however, that everything we offer is selected and packaged with the same positive energy.

We are excited to share our creations with the metaphysical community!