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Mystical Zodiac

Wheel Of The Year Calendar Decor

Wheel Of The Year Calendar Decor

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Celebrate the cycle of the seasons with a beautiful, handcrafted Wheel Of The Year!

  • Made from Baltic birch to give your Wheel Of The Year a natural look.
  • Material is ¼” thick making the Wheel durable yet light enough to hang without damage.
  • The etched lettering ensures long lasting visual aesthetics.
  •  Sealed with Teak oil to preserve the natural wood grain and protect the Wheel from environmental mishaps (such as water droplets or smoke).
  • Available in 3 sizes with the option for custom sizing. From travel to display, we can create the perfect Wheel for you!

Our Pagan Wheel Of The Year calendar display provides a beautiful visual reminder of the year’s chief solar events and the midpoints between them. Hang your Wheel Of The Year on the wall, display it on a table, or place it on your altar for a look at the year’s important seasonal events and when they fall. Perfect for those who like to plan ahead! They also make wonderful gifts, so grab one today! 

Due to the nature of wood grains, each piece will vary slightly in appearance

Recognized and celebrated by numerous non-traditional practitioners around the world, these 8 annual sabbats are times of rituals, gatherings, and festivals honoring the eternal cycle of life.

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