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Mystical Zodiac

Sri Yantra Crystal Grid Board For Abundance

Sri Yantra Crystal Grid Board For Abundance

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Combine the energy of your crystals to manifest your desires using this Sri Yantra handcrafted wood crystal board grid in your meditation practices, affirmation statement settings, ritual work, or other spiritual exercises.

Create your affirmation or intention statement, select your stones/crystals, arrange them on your board, and relax as you connect with your inner spirit and the Universe as a whole.

  • Crystal grid is made of 1/4" Baltic birch, a durable yet lightweight material.  
  • Lighter-colored wood grain which allows for a richer engraved pattern, and the board is protected with teak oil to prevent fading/splintering. 
  • Engraving is deep enough to provide a distinct pattern yet does not affect placement/balance of most crystals.
  • Explanation of the specific sacred geometry pattern and instructions for use provided.
  • Available in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you are looking for a crystal board for your altar or workspace, as a display piece, or are searching for one good for traveling, our crystal grids make it possible!
  • Great for a multitude of uses including distance and/or in person healing, sleep adjustments, manifestation, inner reflection, and more!

Our Sri Yantra crystal grids make an outstanding gift for the spiritual people in your life or as a tool to use in your own spiritual practice. Add one to your cart today!

Due to the nature of wood grains, each piece will vary slightly in appearance

The Sri Yantra is highly revered and known for harmonizing all energy throughout the Universe and all creation. The design reflects the process of Spirit as it emerges from Source (center), descends into matter (feminine, represented by three triangles) and ascends into the upper triangle (or Spirit, masculine).  Initially the triangles are not equal, but as order and peace are restored, they become equilateral. In the Far East, the overlap creating the final triangle is known as the Creation Yantra, while in the West it is called the Star of David or star tetrahedron. Our human energy field is a star tetrahedron in action, and when we are in balance, the two sides are both spinning in neutral stability, as shown here, and it is here where we are content.

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