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Mystical Zodiac

Ouija Board Ornament

Ouija Board Ornament

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Add a touch of spiritual charm for your holiday tree with our handcrafted, hand painted Ouija board ornament. Crafted with positive intentions, this ornament invites a sense of mystery and connection to your festive décor. The symbolic Ouija board design adds a unique touch of spirituality, perfect for those seeking a blend of mystique and simplicity.

  • Made from 1/8" Baltic birch 
  • Approximately 3" x 3.5"
  • Hand painted with acrylic paint
  • Stained with Canyon stain
  • Ribbon pictured is for marketing purposes only; ornament will come with a hanger.

Hang your Ouija board ornament with intention and let its presence inspire moments of reflection during the holiday season. Elevate your tree with this spiritual accent, bringing a hint of the unseen into your joyful celebrations. These make great gifts and altar accessories too!

Ouija boards, also known as spirit or talking boards, are tools often used in divination and spiritual practices, allowing individuals to seek guidance and communication from the spiritual realm. Many believe that Ouija boards serve as a conduit between the living and the spirit world, providing a means for connecting with departed loved ones, spirit guides, or entities from beyond.

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