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Mystical Zodiac

Leather Scented Decorative Potpourri

Leather Scented Decorative Potpourri

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Introducing our Leather-Scented Enchantment!

Step into a moment of bewitching luxury with our Leather-Scented Decorative Potpourri. Add a touch of mystique and a dash of timeless charm to your space with the gentle aroma of fresh, clean leather.

  • Mixture includes dried cinnamon, clove, mini pumpkins, acorns and mini pine cones
  • Scent created with essential oils
  • Glass jar contains a vented lid to allow the fragrance to fill the air

This Leather-Scented Decorative Potpourri is your secret ingredient for adding a dash of magick to your home. Let this autumn-themed mixture weave its enchantment, creating an ambiance of classic allure and mystic luxury.

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