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Citrus Scented Simmer Pot Ingredients

Citrus Scented Simmer Pot Ingredients

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Introducing our simmer pot ingredient pack with a fresh citrus scent – a burst of zingy, lively fragrance to freshen your space. This select blend of ingredients is bursting with the sunny, uplifting notes of citrus fruits; with hints of zesty lemon and vibrant orange, this pack helps to transform your surroundings into a citrus-infused haven. Whether you're looking to awaken your senses or create a cheerful atmosphere, our Citrus Fresh simmer pot pack adds a refreshing and revitalizing touch.

  • Includes orange, lemon, rosemary, and peppermint
  • No added chemicals or artificial scents
  • Reusable
  • Approximately 1 oz. of ingredients

Welcome the vibrant spirit of citrus into your home with this delightful fragrance pack, or give one as a gift!

Directions: Add bag of simmer scents, 2 cups of water to small saucepan (some scents can be enhanced with slices of fresh orange or apple) and simmer on low. Add more water as needed. You can store mixture in the fridge and use it over and over until there is no longer any scent. 

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