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Mystical Zodiac

Pendulum and Casting Board With Rune Symbols, Wolf, and Lunar Phase Design

Pendulum and Casting Board With Rune Symbols, Wolf, and Lunar Phase Design

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Searching for answers to a complex problem in your life?

Created specifically for rune casting and pendulum dowsing, this handcrafted wooden pendulum board will make a perfect addition to your divination practices. Not only does this board provide two ways to get in touch with your intuition, when not in use, it makes a beautiful display piece! 
  • Board is made of 1/4" Baltic birch, a durable yet lightweight material.  
  • Lighter-colored wood grain allows for a richer engraved pattern. Board is protected with teak oil to prevent fading and splintering. 
  • Engraving is deep enough to provide a distinct pattern yet does not affect casting/movement of most runes.
  • Available in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you are looking for a wooden pendulum/casting board for your altar or workspace, as a display piece, or are searching for a travel board, our designs make it possible!
  • Comes with Elder Futhark symbol meanings/interpretations. 

As an addition to your spiritual practice or as a gift for someone looking to expand their divination collection, our pendulum and rune board will be a great fit!

Runes and pendulums sold separately and are available here.

Pendulums and runes are amazing tools to help connect with your sixth sense! Both are great for accessing your guides, tapping into your intuition, and bringing your rational and intuitive sides together to work toward answers. 

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