What Is Divination? Are There Different Types?

What Is Divination? Are There Different Types?

What is Divination?

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown through non-traditional means/methods and has been used throughout history to gain insight and guidance from the universe.

At their core, divination practices are a tool for connecting with the universal consciousness, that infinite wisdom that flows through all things, and through divination, we can tap into the universal consciousness and gain insights into our own lives, as well as the lives of those around us. We can gain clarity on our purpose, our path, and our true selves while gaining a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things by recognizing that we are all part of a vast and beautiful tapestry woven by the hand of the divine.

Are there different types of divination?

There are different types of divination, including inductive, interpretive, and intuitive divination.

Inductive divination involves the use of symbols, signs, or objects to predict future events. Examples of inductive divination include tarot cards, runes, and tea leaf readings. The diviner interprets the symbols based on the context and the individual's situation.

Interpretive divination involves the use of a diviner to interpret visions, dreams, or other phenomena. The diviner uses their knowledge and intuition to understand the meaning of the visions and provide insight into the individual's future.

Intuitive divination involves the use of a diviner's intuition to provide guidance and insight into an individual's future. The diviner may use various tools or techniques to enhance their intuition, such as meditation or spiritual practices.

While these forms of divination may differ in their methods, they share a common goal of providing insight and guidance to individuals seeking answers about their future, and the choice of which to use ultimately depends on a person's preferences and beliefs. Give them a try and see which resonates with you! 

Stay mystical, my friends!

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