The Power Of Incense In Rituals

The Power Of Incense In Rituals

Incense is a powerful tool in rituals, used for centuries to enhance spiritual practices. It is made from various natural materials, such as herbs, resins, and essential oils, that are burned to release their fragrant smoke, believed believed to carry the intentions and energy of the practitioner as well as purify the space and invite in specific energies.

Different types of incense can be used for different purposes - for example, lavender is typically used for relaxation and healing, sandalwood is a go-to for protection and grounding, while frankincense known for it's aid in spiritual elevation and connection.

When using incense in a ritual, it is important to set an intention, light the incense, and let the smoke fill the space while focusing on your desired outcome. As with all spiritual tools, it is important to use incense with respect and mindfulness, and to choose materials that align with your intentions and beliefs.

We also suggest finding incense made with organic materials. Mystical Zodiac makes a few different handcrafted incense made from organic material and moon water, but no matter where you purchase your incense, read the ingredients. Many mass-produced incense are made with toxic chemicals you do not want to breathe!  

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