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The Importance of Chakra Meditation For Clearing Blockages

There are seven basic Chakras in our bodies. They are the seven vital centers of energy in the human body, and each has a location, function, influence, and a color that represents them. Together, they create a subtle divine energy that helps a person's organs, mind, and intellect work at ideal performance levelWhen one or more of a person's chakras are blocked, however, the feeling of  being out of balance or spiritually disconnected can occur. 

To discover blockages during your meditation practice, begin by focusing on the base center and imagine a bright light shining its way up through each chakra until it reaches the crown center. Then, bring the light back down again, taking deep breaths through your nose and releasing it through our mouth slowly while focusing on the light and the chakras.

If there is a blockage, you will sense it. The energy will feel different, possibly diffused or chaotic. Relax, and if you feel comfortable, continue the meditation while focusing on the chakra. However, if the sensation is too uncomfortable, or you are unsure of what your specific chakra blockage means/how to work on fixing it, end your session and take time to research ways to unravel what this chakra blockage means to you.

By working on your chakras and taking time to clear any blockages, you may discover a more centered, balance life unfolding before you!

Stay mystical, friends!


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