Examples Of How To Cleanse And Protect Your Practice Space

Examples Of How To Cleanse And Protect Your Practice Space


Smudging is a long-time spiritual practice used by some cultures to purify the air and energy in a space or person. It involves burning herbs, such as sage* or palo santo, and using the smoke to cleanse the area or individual.

To smudge, you will need a smudge stick made of the herb of your choice, a heat-proof dish, and something to light the herbs, like a lighter or a match. Light the smudge stick and then let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Don't let it burn for too long though; early in my practice days I kept a bundle of cedar burning for way too long and almost caught my curtains on fire, so don't be like me! Once you have put out the flame, use your hand or a feather to waft the smoke around the area or person you want to cleanse while setting your intention, such as releasing negative energy or inviting positive energy. Once you feel your ritual is complete, make sure to extinguish the smudge stick in the heat-proof dish when you are finished. We don't want any stray embers!


To use crystals to cleanse and protect your space, start by selecting crystals that resonate with you and have properties that align with your intention. Some of the most popular choices for cleansing and protection include black tourmaline, clear quartz, and selenite. Typically I use selenite, black tourmaline, quartz, and obsidian.

Next, to activate the crystals, hold them in your hands and set your intention for what you want them to do. Visualize a bright white light surrounding your space and ask the crystals to help cleanse and protect it.

Now, place the crystals around your space in areas where you feel they are needed most. This could include doorways, windowsills, or corners of rooms. You can also carry a small crystal with you for personal protection.

When you feel ready, thank the Universe and/or the Gods and Goddesses for their attention and protection.

Keep in mind, it is important to regularly cleanse the crystals themselves to ensure they continue to work effectively. You can do this by placing them in sunlight or moonlight, using sacred smoke such as sage, or burying them in the earth for a period of time. Make sure to research the specific stone you are cleansing to make sure the method you are considering is safe for that particular stone.

By using crystals for cleansing and protection, you can create a peaceful and positive energy in your space and feel more grounded and protected in your daily life.


One example of a spell to use for cleansing and protecting your space is to light a white candle and sprinkle salt in a clockwise direction around the perimeter of the room or area you wish to protect. Envision a bright white light filling the space while asking for protection and positivity to enter the space. When you are ready, extinguish the candle and dispose of the salt outside of the space.

* Ethical practices are essential when using white sage, which is a sacred plant in many indigenous cultures. It is important to obtain white sage through ethical means, such as purchasing from reputable sources that support Native American communities. Additionally, it is important to use white sage respectfully and mindfully, understanding its cultural significance and avoiding cultural appropriation. Ethical practices ensure that the use of white sage is done with respect and appreciation for its cultural and spiritual significance.

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