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Mystical Zodiac

Sun Wall Art Decor

Sun Wall Art Decor

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This 12" boho-inspired wooden sun wall art piece will bring a ray of sunshine into your home on even the darkest days!

  • Wood grain from the Baltic birch gives the background a natural, sky-kissed look.
  • Material is ¼” thick (both backing and design to equal 1/2" thick), making this sunshine wall art durable yet light enough to hang without damage.
  • The Beyond Navy background paired with the Toasted Almond of the sun provides a stunning contrast.
  • Perfect as a wall hanging or a statement display piece.

No matter how your house is decorated, this beautiful wooden sun art piece would make a stunning accent piece, and as a gift, it's radiance will be appreciated by the lucky recipient for years to come!

Due to the nature of wood grains, each piece will vary slightly in appearance

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