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Rune Set With Box

Rune Set With Box

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Do you need some guidance in your life? Stuck trying to find the answers to some question or problem you've encountered? Runes are a great tool to help unlock your subconscious and uncover your innermost dreams.

This handcrafted collection box of wooden runes is the perfect way to bring a touch of ancient magic into your life. Crafted from natural wood, these Elder Futhark runes are full of character, charm, and energy. 

  • Crafted from Baltic birch ply with is a lightweight yet durable wood with beautiful grain patterns  
  • Available in natural wood and protected with Teak oil or in a walnut-colored stain
  • Box is held together by strong magnets so your runes won't fall out of their assigned space
  • Etching is deep enough to provide contrast yet doesn't take away from the natural appearance
  • Perfect for home use and convenient to use while traveling 

Discover the secrets of the soul and uncover hidden potential within yourself. This is more than a set of runes– it is a gateway to a world of endless possibility!

In rune casting, runes are cast either randomly or in a specific pattern and are used as a form of guidance through life events or problems where decisions need to be made. The runes won't give straight answers but will rather provide different variables and outcomes based on the present issue as it stands in the current moment. Typically, runes will give your subconscious a nudge and help guide you through intuitive thinking. They are not a source of fortune telling, but rather a tool to help your subconscious and conscious minds connect.


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