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Mystical Zodiac

Two Ravens Wall Art For Raven Collectors

Two Ravens Wall Art For Raven Collectors

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This 12-inch wooden wall hanging with two ravens is both pleasing to the eye and a conversation starter! The two ravens could be hung as an Odin wall plaque, displayed as an addition to a gothic raven art collection, placed on a bookshelf to compliment a book collection... There are so many possibilities!

  • Wood grain from the Baltic birch gives your ravens a natural look.
  • Material is ¼” thick (both backing and design to equal 1/2" thick), making the Two Ravens durable yet light enough to hang without damage.
  • Etching is deep enough to accent the feathers but not too deep as to take away from the overall visual aesthetics.
  • Lunar Surface paint color on backing paired with the black of the ravens provides a stunning contrast.
  • Perfect as a wall hanging or display piece.

Whether searching for unique wall art for your home, want a specific raven piece to compliment your collection, or need something 'different' as a gift, our Two Raven wall art piece is a great choice! 

Due to the nature of wood grains, each piece will vary slightly in appearance

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